Customer Service or Slavery?


Working in the restaurant industry for nearly three years has taught me a few things. The first thing is that managers are conceited ass holes with a GED, second, customers think they OWN me, and third I learned that I may have sociopathic tendencies. Anyone who wants to learn about themselves, please go work at a restaurant, youll not only hate the customers but the people you work with too! Trust me its LOADS of fun. So your probably why I’m so passionate about this topic, so I will give you an example. A few weeks ago our restaurant went under some construction, this made it so ONE very specific table had wet paint on it and therefore we were unable to seat customers their. SO, I go to seat this middle aged couple and they look at the table with absolute disgust. You would have thought Tiger woods and one of his mistresses were scandalously dining there. So I awkwardly ask “Is this ok?” to which I get the notorious reply “Don’t you have something else? Its cold over here” hmmmm ok OFCOURSE, this is just your world that I live in. God fordbid you sit at a table that is probably the same EXACT tempiture as the rest of them. My irritated look sparks her creativity “How about that one over there!” conviently enough that’s the table I cannot seat under any circumstances. I reply ” Im sorry maam we actually arnt allowed…” She interrupts me with “This Is ridiculous you just don’t want me to eat! Your a liar!” She storms off and grabs her stunned husbands arm and leaves the resteraunt. My mouth is wide open because I don’t know who invited the bipolar crazy bitch to Outback. Outback should have a restraining order against people like her. At that exact moment I wanted to scream a million and ten things at once. But then I remembered I work at a restaurant and I cant expect even the smallest amount of respect. Just like when you go to McDonalds you just cant expect them to get your order right. Simple science. So my conclusion here is that three years ago I ignorantly volunteered myself to slavery and until I earn my bachelors I am my customers bitch.