Silent Killer: Procrastination



     Hi, my names Jordan and I’m an alleged procrastinator. On numerous occasions I find myself studying last minute or pulling an all nighter before a huge exam (Which has recently turned into more of a ritual). So finally admitting to myself that I have a procrastination problem, made me do what I do best: Google. I searched high and low about my problem, as if It were an actual disease; as it very well should be classified as. I clicked on every link that said something about my topic, making huge “oh no!” faces the whole time. I googled so intensely that Google indirectly diagnosed me with hypochondriacs disorder. *Sarcasm* for you dryly humored folks.  I came across some very interesting information. Apparently I’m not the only idiot who procrastinates, actually everyone procrastinates. According to a survey of 101 Desales,  95 percent of college students procrastinate. Shocker, I thought all those wide eyed sticklers in my 8 am lectures had it all figured out. But according to this study its technically numerically impossible. Phew, that makes me feel a lot better. Don’t get me wrong I get great grades, but only because of my severe panic the day before something’s due. So procrastination had to be something more than just studying at the last possible minute, I thought to myself. I wondered, what It was doing to my actual health.  Psychology today promotes the idea that, procrastination equals stress, and stress equals illness. Now this is simple math that is far from rocket science. BUT if your a true and dedicated procrastinator, chances are you wont go to the doctor, and subsequently become intensly ill. Most procrastinators problems don’t lie within the boring classroom, but rather in the doctors office. Procrastination turns into life long problems, such as; late stages in cancer, serious illness, and even death. SO my brilliant point here ladies and gentleman, is next time you say “I’ll just do it tomorrow”, think again, your grades wont be the only thing on the line.