I think I have mono…Wait nope, thats just my period…



Mother nature has a very brutal way of letting us know we are woman every month. A few days ago I was sitting in my writing class feeling unusually exhausted. I felt dizzy, tired, and weak. The idea came to me that I could have mono. I spent the next two days frantically googling about the symptoms involved with mono. Eventually I realized I was just a severe dumb ass, and it was only my period. I guess it just left my mind what a period was like, this month. Any who, this strange occurrence made me really realize how brutal a period really is. Most people.. cough cough!.. men!, don’t understand how physically paralyzing it really is to menstruate every month. Most woman become physically sick. I personally think its a curse, but others have their opinions too. (They don’t matter though;) ) I guess my point here is just, periods arnt even necessary. They ruin your entire week, make you bloated, a pizza face, and a complete bitch.


The end


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