Why so serious?



People, lets move away from the idea that everyone should look, act, and think a certain way. Just say at the top of your lungs “I’m a dork!” or ” I’m weird!” or ” I’m secretly in love with Mileys music” (Even though its not considered socially acceptable) .. I stopped caring what others like and don’t like about me and just stick to what makes me happy, as weird as it may be. For example, in my psychology lecture my professor mentioned something about how we can actually trick our brain into being happy, just by smiling. So what do I do with the helpful information? Ok, I’ll tell you, calm down. A few days later as im driving home, I start to feel sad:(…and then I remembered! I whipped out that grin like nobody’s business. oddly enough, it was at a red light next to a man in his truck. We made the most awkward eye contact, and he looked a bit scared by my huge grin. That didn’t stop me though! He probably thought I was psychotic, but oh well. At least I was happy! Who needs therapy? Try it some time;) 


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