Why I feel the way I dont


Why do I feel the way I don’t? Why are people constantly unfulfilled by life. it seems like the human race, including myself; are always missing something. Things like relationships, money, overall happiness, and success. I gain some rope, and I want even more. But when I get more I end up hanging myself. And what I’ve wanted for so long, is actually what I never wanted at all. So why is it that things are always missing? We live are whole lives waiting to achieve. So when is that moment when we decided we’ve got it all? I’ve always imagined that moment like this: Me at eighty years old, sitting on the front porch on a sunny day, while reading a book. My husband and I sitting side by side, rocking in our chairs. Sipping tea and smelling the fresh country air. Watching my beautiful grandchildren play in the yard. Suddenly I realize, I’ve accomplished everything I ever wanted. A wonderful husband, beautiful successful children and grandchildren, and most importantly beautiful memories. I’ll sit rocking, gazing, and remembering that time when we visited the rocky mountains as a family, that time I first fell in love with the boy from my home town, or how my mother used to make the best mashed potatos. So will my moment of realization really happen this way? What happens if I die young? what am I living for then? I guess the point of life is to desire an accomplishment; a goal. And then one day you will be able to feel the way you don’t now…absolute euphoric happiness.


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